Byappar Inventory Management software

Byappar Inventory Management Software WalkThrough

Byappar is Nepal’s Number one multipurpose Inventory Management Solution which provides real-time control over your Account, Inventory, Sales, Store, Production, Marketing, Management Reports, Growth Pattern and everything you want. So you can drive your business the way you desire.

Key Features

Nepal’s one of the Best Accounting, Inventory and POS Software

• One of the Best Technical Support

• Point of Sales and Barcode Integrated System

• Complete Accounting with Report Analysis

• SQL Database Back End for Data security, reliability and fastness.

• Unlimited User and Multi Branch

• Manufacturing Inventory and Store Management

• Real-Time Sales and Purchase Order System with Full Report

• Free Upgrade and Update under AMC/Warranty period.

In this walk through, we will show you how you can take full advantage of Byappar Inventory Management software. 

You will first encounter a login page where you need to insert a username and password to log into the Byappar system.

After you log in, you will see the Dashboard According to your role. In this walk through, we will show the Byappar system for Admin. 


The above image is the Dashboard view of the Byappar inventory system for the admin panel. 

This Dashboard shows the overall status and statistics of all your business transactions.  

You can also navigate around to view different features available in the Byappar Inventory Management system. 

You can manage your stock by adding product and stock into your inventory. 

You can see reports according to different attributes like sales, purchase, return report etc easily. 

There are graphical representations of overall profit and revenue generated by your business. 

You can easily identify which product is selling and which is not doing good which will help you predict and make a good business strategy for future days.

Add Product

You can add products from the product menu. In the product menu, you can add categories, stock report etc. 

You can define the pricing of the product on the product page like your cost price and the price you want to generalize to sell in retail or in wholesale. 

Taxable amounts can also be added directly to the product information. If you add the taxable amount to the product page you won’t require to add it while creating the invoice. 


You can also keep a record of the purchase information directly in the system which will automatically update the stock for that purchase. 

You can also see the overall status of the purchase directly in the Dashboard or you can navigate  

POS Invoice

You can do billing activities from the POS menu. There you can view previous invoices, create a new invoice, create a return invoice etc. 

This invoice is normally prepared for the retail purpose and if you want to prepare an invoice for wholesale purpose there is a wholesale option at the top of the page from where you will be redirected to the supply page which is used for wholesale invoicing. 


This is the supply page where you can make your supply record. This task is done when you supply products to a different business. You can also keep a record of your vehicle and delivery person as well who are involved in supply.  


Account Menu will give you different options like a general voucher, ledger accounts etc where you can keep track of your accounting details and also you can insert the details of different account holders which might be your customer or seller. 

Making an account holder profile will help you keep track of different business transactions with particular business parties. 

Users and Role

Users and roles can be defined by the admin in the user’s section which you can find in the options menu. 

The assigned role will be given new login credentials and they will only be able to see the functions which are authorized to them.

Note: All these descriptions are in broad term and prepared under the considerations of the FAQs.  You can yourself walk through each and every features available in Byappar Inventory Management software.  



Password: Byappar@123

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