Nefotech is leading software company in Nepal

How Nefotech Software Company Works

Software company are established to give solutions to every technological problems.

What is software?

Software is something which is designed to solve certain problem in a simple manner.

Software has become the main core of any organisation on how it operates its business. 

Software makes day to day operations very easy and improves the quality of work.

What Does Nefotech offer?

Nefotech is a leading software development company in Nepal that provides technological solutions. Nefotech offers different services which are explained below.

Website Design and Development

Website is the online identity for any kind of business or individual. Having a website helps you build a strong online presence in the market. Nefotech is known for its expertise in Website Design and Development

Mobile App Development

As a growing technological advancement mobile apps have become a way of life to many people and the demand for mobile app development has also increased. To fulfil the demand for mobile app development Nefotech always stands tall.  


Byappar is a cloud-based Inventory Management software that is a complete business solution for any business organisation where you can do accounting, POS billing, manage your inventory etc all in one software.

Web app

Web apps are software applications that run online on web browsing platforms and web technology to perform tasks over the internet. The web application enables the user a wide range of usability and increases productivity as it can run over different platforms that use the internet. 

How Nefotech Software Company Works

  1. Identifying the needs of the clients

    Nefotech ensures the needs and demands of the clients on how they want their project. 
    A meeting is set between the client and the project management representative from Nefotech. 
    The project management representative will note down the requirement of the client and set a time on when the project will be delivered to the client.Nefotech takes requirement for Software

  2. Develop

    The project Management representative will handover the project to the IT team where the development of the project is carried out. The developer team will develop the project according to the requirement provided by the Project management representative. Nefotech has professionals who are specialised in particular development tools. 

    There are website designers, software developers, mobile application developers and many more who will take on the project according to their expertise.Nefotech develops best software in Nepal

  3. Test and Quality Assurance

    When the project is developed by the IT team, the result is not directly sent to the clients. The project is first trailed and tested by themselves whether the project is ready to be delivered to the client. When all the testing is done Quality of the project is checked. 

    Quality Assurance is done systematically until the desired level of quality is met. When everything is done, the project is ready to be delivered to the client.
    Nefotech delivers the product only after testing and Maintaining the Optimum Quality

  4. Deliver

    The Delivery of the project is done by preparing full documentation of the work. The Documentation of the project will help the client understand the project easily. A representative from the company will join the client’s workspace to help them understand the project and answer the question if clients have any regarding the use of the project. 
    Nefotech Delivers the best product according to the requirements of the client

  5. Support and Maintenance

    Nefotech ensures complete support and maintenance for the client’s project. Nefotech has professionals who are always stand by for any queries. 
    Nefotech provides support and maintenance  24/7

You can learn more about Nefotech and different technology related topics in our Blog page.

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